Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ob raises his head, looking around. Stoney has opened his mind to touch his, yet keeps a part closed, something hidden. He lets Stoney see, letting Alise see, the party going on. There are shouts, cheers, toasts to the couple. He feels Stoney's grimace and sends him a grin in reply.

Ike joins them, showing Monty in the guise of a panther, Tori huddled at her laptop and deep in conversation with a few of the shifters.

Ike is healing, by tomorrow rising she should be much better. Monty is getting her to flex the muscles, limbering them up. Tori has found a geeksquad... they have been playing some damned game. Pandora and Patti have been planning a reception here at the tavern for you two as soon as you name the day. He moans as he feels Pandora's hands on his back. He grins and tells her that Alise is healing better than expected.

Make sure you drop in soon. Everyone wants to see Alise for themselves. Especially our four college boys. Marc wants to apologize in person for his being a jerk.

Alise picks up the images of the four boys, The little redhead is Ron, a fox. The Tiger and Cougar are as yet unnamed. The wolf is Marc. She shudders, remembering his bold approach at the tavern. Her pulse speeds and Stoney murmurs softly, assuring her that Marc aided in their finding her.

There is a momentary pause, then Ob is back. Ike wants to know if Alise needs any clothes? She has a few loose shift dresses that someone could run out to the Manse. Unless... Stoney, you don't want to shop for her again, do you? Ob snickers, sending an image of the first shopping they did.

Stoney closes his eyes and sighs. My brother, My bane of existence.... Ob laughs.

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