Friday, December 24, 2010

Stoney looks at Ike, who shakes her head. "Non Chaton... I can hear two heartbeats, so can Ike, but as for what we are having... non. Do you want to know?"

He kisses the back of Alise' head as Ike plays tag with the movements of the babies. he drinks in the sweet scent of her hair, nuzzling gently. His hands begin to rub her shoulders, relaxing her even more. He starts humming softly.

"Mon amour... I don't think you will carry the babies for nine months. Ob is... concerned. *Vous e'tes pas dans douleur, e'tes vous? I don't feel any, but.."

He looks at Ob, noting the blank look and then how he has closed him off from their family touch.

*You are not in any pain, are you?

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