Friday, December 24, 2010

Stoney leads Traeger to a quiet, or more quiet spot. He was careful to block just certain things from Alise, mentally singing Dream A Little Dream Of Me, as he did once before to block his sibs.

"Traeger... you make beautiful swords. Ob showed me the one you gifted to him. The decorative work is gorgeous. because of it... I have a favor to ask, Artiste to Artiste..."

He leans close to Traeger and slides a piece of paper across the table. The image on it is a band of twisted strands, spreading wider, then swirling and interweaving, creating a nest of silver loops in which sits a single stone.

"This is what I would like for Alise' ring. I will supply the amethyst, but can you create the ring? It represents the strands of time, our lives, our love, finally weaving into our future."

Traeger studies the image, tracing the lines with a fingertip.

"If its possible, could you make it in silver?"

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