Friday, December 24, 2010

Pandora was intoxicated with all Obsidian's attentions...but she knew he was right, they dressed each other...caressing soft flesh and kissing as they went,but finally escaped the room laughing and kidding as they desended the stairs.

Pandora spotted her dad and Rowan,and they joined them to say hello.Pandora turned to Rowan... "Rowan,I have had little time to speak with you so far...Alise has so much need of you with all that is happening right now,recovering from her wounds and having two babies to nuture too."

"I hope we will be able to find a chance to know each other better...there is much I would learn from seems nursing skills are much in demand,especially skills in healing the supernaturals...their needs are so different,as you have no doubt discovered by now."

Traeger spoke up when he saw the turn the conversation had taken..."Obsidian,Rowan has observed that Alise's pregnancy is progressing much faster than a normal humans,can you fill us in on this,and what to expect?" "Is the gargoyle gestation much quicker?...what will a mixed union produce as far as time goes?"

Pandora was awed, "do you mean she is going to have to prepare faster than normal?,oh,the poor thing will be overwhelmed...we will need to help with many things to keep her from tiring herself...the two bebes will take much from her body,Stoney can only do so much for her. " She glanced across the room to where they sat huddled together...alone in their own world,planning their future...and she slipped her hand in Ob's,emotion overwhelming her at how fast the world could change.

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