Friday, December 24, 2010

Pandora is upset by the way Ob has drawn back from everyone, and sitting forward she takes his hands in hers and speaks up..."Obsidian,I love you truly,and I know my feelings are recIprocated; we are kindred souls,I think we knew it when we first met. What parts combined to make us a physical body are only part of who we are...the people that influence you when you are raised,and the experiences you have are what shape your soul. That you have daemon blood does not make you daemonic, you revere the romanovich and their clan that raised you, so you are more the gargoyle and shifter than deamon. It would take something pretty dramatic to bring that to the fore in your life....I am not frightened by it...or the idea our children could have such in their genetic makeup...we would raise them with great love and nothing would lead them to be deamonic. if some problem were to occur we could face it are my heart,and I would give everything I am to help you if daemon feelings were to try to draw you away...the strength of a wytch and her love has no bounds. I know too,that if you were out of touch with your feelings and rage threatened to come would tell me you must leave to find yourself rather than harm me,I have no doubt of that."

" I cannot speak for the others at this table; but I am still yours;heart,soul and body for as long as you feel the same about me....each day,each experience we share ,just makes the bond stronger,and knowing your mixed bloodline does not change the man sitting here in front of me"...she places a tender kiss in the palm of each of his hands and says.."with these kisses I give myself over to you,to be my partner and lover,and best friend."...and she looks steadily into his eyes as she leans forward to kiss his lips...two silent tears rolling down her cheeks at the pain Ob must be feeling in his heart to speak so harshly of his father and his rejection of Obsidian.

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