Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ike stretches. There is still pain in her shoulder and wing. The muscles twinge as she moves, but they do move. Ike smiles, but something feels wrong. she brings her hands to her face. It is a few moments before it dawns on her that there is no fur, no muzzle beneath her fingertips. She looks down at her body and gulps, a blush paints her bare body in pink, crimson staining her cheeks.

She looks up, noting Monty watching, eyes wide, mouth slack. Her wings swing front and she tries  to hide her nude form. Pain lances through her back and arm, bringing a whimper. Tears of pain slip down her cheeks as Ike tries to hide her full bodied form from sight. "Monty?" Her sultry voice trembles. "I need something to wear. I don't know how to make clothes when I wake."

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