Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traeger sat at the table watching all the happiness surrounding the room, and his mind went back to when he and Chloe... Pandora's mother, first wed. They were pagans by birth and so grew up in an age of hand fasting... and the day they wed Chloe was radiant in a silken gown and a wreath of beautiful flowers upon her head. She also carried a bouquet of fragrant white freesias and  no woman was more beautiful than she was that day. Traeger sighed as he returned to the here and now... his daughter was a beauty herself, and she had found a good man; he only wished he could fill the void in his life... work could only fill so many hours of the day.

The college boys were entertaining them with campus tales and he let go of his musing and laughed at their latest story.

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