Friday, December 24, 2010

Rowan reaches for her pendant, her eyes filled with sorrow at the thought of anyone burning, such an awful way to die, and if he saw horrible...I cant imagine...

“Goddess...I am so sorry about your wife. It is unbelievable how ignorant and cruel some people can be. I would never even try to see past a cloaking spell. I sensed it, it changes your aura a bit, but its not my business if a person feels the need to keep something private.”

Taking a sip of her whiskey, she smiles, “I have known Mortuis ever since I became the High Priestess at the Silver Moon Coven. I dont know if I would call my skills extraordinary. He knew Stoney wasnt going to let another man touch Alise after what happened to her. I learned herbal medicine from my mother. She taught me all she knew and then I came here from Ireland to go to college. I seem to have made my life here. I learned more from the previous High Priestess of our coven before she passed over, she was also a good friend, about herbs, supernaturals, miss her greatly.”

Her expression clouds as she says, “I never married... thought about it once...but....well, it just never happened. Please dont apologize for being lonely, I understand loneliness. I know how hard it can be at times...”

"As to the ring....I will have to do some thinking about that. I think some dust from his gargoyle form would definitely be needed, but how to get it? He is almost going to have to know about it. And the spell...hhmmm...the ring needs to change with him at sunrise and sunset....Let me check my books and see what I can come up with. How fast do you work? They havent said a word as to when they want to do this, but I wouldnt think they will wait too long. Apparently her pregnancy wont go as long as a human one. More than twenty years of healing and there are still things I need to learn....”

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