Friday, December 24, 2010

I smile at Raina's teasing. God, she's gorgeous! It's like I'm seeing her for the first time again. Is it because of Guunnar, I wonder? Am I in some sense seeing her through his eyes?

"Perhaps we should adjourn to somewhere more private," I suggest. I look at Raina. "Your place or mine?"

She does a slow stretch that does interesting things to her top, then turns with a grin. "Mine." Without another word, she begins sashaying up the stairs. I follow her swaying ass and Guunnar isn't far behind. I think he'd be right beside me, but the stairs are too narrow for two to walk abreast.

Damn, she's sexy! She delays a bit getting the key into the lock, then it pops open and we all pile inside. I waste no time, shucking my duster into the first available chair and sitting to get my boots off. By the time I'm done, Guunnar's shirt is gone, and his boots.

Raina opens the door to her room, and sets the bottle down on a table. The drapes are partially open, letting in the moon light. Dropping to a chair she starts to pull her boots off. “Come in, make yourself comfortable. Have a drink....” and she pours herself a shot from the bottle while eyeing the two men eyeing each other... Well, well, well...this could get interesting....

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