Friday, December 24, 2010

Ob rises from the booth and lifts Pandora's hand to his lips. He avoids her eyes. How do you respond to someone, with whom you have been having a relationship, who gives you their trust, when you don't even trust yourself.

"Don't get me wrong, Pandora. Madre' and Padre', they loved me. My papa' turned his back on me, but Raul, Madre's man, he took me as his own. But I always knew I was different. Others would never let me forget. I have daemon eyes. I possess people." He shrugs, looking at Alise and Stoney.

"I think I better get the others onstage for a bit, or people will forget who Montenegro is."

He bows to Traeger and Rowan, avoiding their eyes as well. Tori snaps her laptop shut and entrusts it to Patti, who hides it behind the bar. Ike kisses Monty gently and makes her way to the stage. Stoney kisses Alise gently, leans over and whispers to the twins, and heads for the stage.

Ob closes his mind to the others and tosses back his hair. He is ON. Time to be Obsidian Heart.

As he takes his place at the drum kit, Ob watches Pandora. He closes his eyes, listening to Ike open their night. Her soft voice floats over the crowd as the lights lower.

Welcome Children of the Otherside...

We are Montenegro.

We are those who hide among the shadows, dancing on the edge of the light, singing to the warp and weft of the world.

We are....

and so are you...

The band slips into their rendition of Disturbed's Indestrucible. The sirens slip through the darkness and Ob takes the lead vocals. Iced Earth's instrumental Transylvania follows, seguing into Inkubus Sukkubus' haunting Take My Lust.

Ike's voice drifts out in sweet pleading...

I am a drifting shadow,
My soul is craving for you,
A ghost rider on the lonely road
But I know that I'll destroy you.

I'll kiss you, I'll damn you,
I hear your soul a-calling,
Like a screaming angel falling
As a fool for love I'll have you.

Take my lust, fade to dust
The grave sings like a siren,
My lips are sweet and poison,
And they will take you there.

Paradise and elation,
Descend with me to Hell
Only I can set you free,
Only I know the way,
And only I can set you free.

Take my lust, fade to dust
Take my lust, fade to dust
Take my lust, fade to dust

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