Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ike kisses Monty gently on the cheek, sliding her arms around his waist. His lips find hers, teasing lightly. Ike sighs into his kiss, pressing closer. he pulls back, smiling at her upturned face and closed eyes. Her lips are slightly parted, tingling from his gentle touch, and Ike sighs. Her eyes snap open and her disappointment shows in the moan she utters.

"Everyone is gathering in the back booths. Alise and Stoney are here. They brought someone with them... Alise's healer." She sighs, sagging against him. "I guess we need to go down."

As they hit the bottom landing, Ike sees Tori and her anger surges. Tori looks up and laughs. Ike drops Monty's hand and stalks over to the table. She glares at Tori and leans over to kiss Stoney's cheek. She is about to greet Alise when Tori makes a comment about how Ike wasn't woman enough to wear her clothes. Ike feels the joke behind it, but doesn't care.

Her fingers clench into a fist as she turns. Ike doesn't even realize she is swinging until Tori's chair topples, spilling her sister to the floor. She shakes her fist, grimacing at the feeling in her arm and shoulder. Tears gather in her eyes from the pain.

Everyone stares, the sudden punch stilling conversation. Tori touches her cheek, checking the tender skin under her right eye.

"That's gonna bruise." Tori gets to her feet as Ob picks up the chair. She starts to laughs. Ob and Stoney shake their heads. "Remind me not to piss you off when your arm is healed."

Stoney looks at Rowan and winces. "Rowan, meet our youngest sister, Ike, and the quiet one is Monty."

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