Friday, December 24, 2010

Rowan puts her head in her hands, “Goddess help me. How am I going to prepare her for any of this? She is already past two months gone... and if her pregnancy lasts five months, say, she is about half way. Human twins usually arrive four weeks early....Ob? How big are the babies? Normal human size? Do they just grow and develop that much faster? Alise has already said no hospital, and only for the babies if there is a serious problem. I cant believe how stubborn she can be...”

Lost in thought for a moment, she continues, “I do know of someone that might be a big help to Alise. She helps me when I need an extra pair of hands. She seems a bit odd, but I dont think that would bother Alise or Stoney.” At Traegers questioning look Rowan adds, “I think she is half elf, but I am not sure since she rarely speaks. Her ears are definitely pointed and her eyes... well... they change colors... not just shades, actual colors.... I found her in the woods, beaten and left for dead. Probably the same group that had Alise, now that I think about it. Anyway, once she was better the only thing she said was that she couldnt go back now... but to where and why, I dont know.”

She reaches across the table and lays her hand gently on top of Obs. “I am sorry about your father. That must have been difficult for you. I really dont think we have to worry about Stoney. I cant see him rejecting her or their babies.”

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