Friday, December 24, 2010

Traeger watches Stoney return to his lady,and then Rowan heads for the bar... great!, his chance to talk with her.

Traeger takes an empty seat beside Rowan and asks... "Is it ok to join you, I have a matter to discuss with you... and then maybe we can see where our pathes might have crossed ." She nods and Traeger gets right to his question about Stoney, eager to find a solution.

"I guess you know the lovebirds plan a wedding, and Stoney has entrusted me with making the ring for Alise... I would like to craft one for him to match, but Stoney says the size changing would make it impossible when he goes from human to Gargoyle... I want to find a way and surprise him too. I have been pondering the idea of mixing grains of stone from him into the silver mixture... giving it some of his gargoyle properties... then coupled with a spell I thought I might have a chance.

What do you think? I know this may take some thinking, so relax and let's talk about us for awhile, then maybe something will pop into your head.

My wife and I were married quite young, and Pandora arrived not long after... we devoted ourselves to teaching her all we could, and she showed a lot of natural ability inherited no doubt from others of our line. When she reached High school age she encouraged us to take a trip we had long desired to Ireland and Wales... exploring the druids and others with ancient knowledge we could carry home to Pandy. "

Traegers voice dropped as he continued... "Unfortunately on a day we were deep in the woods with a group holding a religious ceremony we were betrayed by someone who frowned upon our beliefs,and the woods were set afire all around us... my wife and many others perished; I lived... but had severe burns on one side of my was several years before I could return to life and find Pandora. I use a cloaking spell to hide my scars, but no doubt with your skills you can see right through it."

"Well,that is much of my recent past history... how did you come to be so revered by Mortuis?... he is a very learned and particular man... your skills in healing must be did you come by them?" Traeger realized he had been rattling on, not giving the beautiful redhead a chance to open her mouth... laughing he said "Forgive my social skills,I fear I have been alone and lonesome far too long."

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