Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pandora moans in frustration too,as Ob is taken by the stone... his cock is rigid and she rides a few moments more as the last of her orgasm succumbs.... she wanted so to bring him to his pleasure before he left her for the sun.

Pan whispered to Ob... "I don't know if this will work,but I am going to give you something to remember till evening." She knelt straddling Ob with his cock right under her mouth... the surface was like marble and she took it into her mouth, sliding her mouth down with teeth bared to hopefully bring the scraping sensation to his mind, she sucked hard as she worked back up and she nipped with her teeth at the head... before starting to pump up and down, loosening her throat to take as much of his length as she could. She gripped his hard balls and moaned as she was overcome with longing herself... she shifted till she again sat on his shaft and lowered herself down,"Sorry, have undone me again"..she moaned, and she rode hard up and down on his shaft till she again felt an orgasm coming... "Ob,Ob,I'm coming" she whispered...and as she exploded she swore she felt the jetsum of Ob's cock filling her.

Pandora lay still on his body,still impaled on the rigid cock... and she swore Ob whispered in her head... "Mi Bruha, you are a witch...I have never cum while stone before".... She kissed his dragon features and lifted herself from his body and with thoughts of his wanton wild handling of her she fell asleep next to him....

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