Friday, March 25, 2011

Alise wakes and stretches in her husbands arms, arching her back into him. Stoney growls, “Do that again and we will have to start all over..”

“Promise?” Alise smiles wickedly. “Have you been awake long?”

“I havent slept. I have been watching you.”

“Watching me? Whatever for? And now you look all serious.... What are you thinking about?”

Stoney smiles, running fingers through long golden tresses. “I was thinking how much Tomas looks like you. And about a little girl chasing her cats through the cemetery, afraid the fantômes* would catch one and steal it away. I lost my heart to you even then....”

Smiling in return, Alise kisses Stoney. Je taime Re'mi, her mind caresses his.

Alise breaks the kiss and asks if she should get Gracie to see her papan. “It is almost dawn and she will be hungry soon anyway.”

Stoney nods and Alise slips on a long robe and heads down the hall. On her way back to their room with the baby she hears some noises coming from Pandoras rooms. Alise looks up at the ceiling and sends to Ob. Barbare, you make enough noise to wake the dead, let alone the babies...

The sudden silence makes her smile. Merci mon frère. Obtenez un certain repos.**

But mon fluer, I can rest all day...

Alise laughs out loud and shakes her head as she enters the room and hands Gracie to Stoney.


**Thank you my brother. Get some rest.

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