Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tork lifts into the air and buzzes Ob and Chloe. The little girl giggles, reaching out toward the dragon. He chirps and lands in Weebit's lap, curling up like a cat.

"Twillon, Weebit, if you will excuse us, we have business to conduct."

The Sidhe rise and bow to the couple, following Ob back up the stairs. As they step on the landing Ob suggests a visit to Pandora's garden. He calms her hesitation. Mi amor... Miko and his brothers already await. They have been watching these two for several days now and have found no malice.

Pandora smiles as Tonio flits to their side. "I will escort our guests, si?"

It takes Ob a few moments to notice the others of the clan in key positions along the hall. "I would appreciate it, amigo." He turns to the waiting Sidhe. We will await you upstairs." He bows slightly. "See thee in a few moments."

The pair enter their room as Ob escorts his family to the next set of stairs. Chloe tries to pry at her father's thoughts, pouting as she finds no hint of what is coming. The Gargoyle hums "Puff The Magic Dragon" making Chloe giggle. Miko meets them at the door, moving to guard the balcony as the family moves out into the night air.

A familiar buzz captures their attention as Miko's youngest brother darts over the balcony. He can barely contain his excitement, darting back and forth. Ob hands Chloe to Pandora, telling them both to close their eyes until he tells them to open them.

There is the sound of his footsteps across the carpet, then the soft sound of more others following as he returns. There is a hushed conversation, a grumbling noise, and a sharp "Stay."

"Open yours eyes *Gitanilla, Bruha. Someone is tired of waiting to say hello."

*Little Gypsy, Witch

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