Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stoney takes Tomas from Alise and sets him on his lap. “We need to get you more than one Batman shirt, I think..”l

Tomas smiles and Alise laughs. “I am sure it would be fine with him if thats the only kind of shirt he had to wear.”

Right then Laila enters the back door with Ramji. Rowan and several of the Riders are close behind. As soon as Tomas sees her he claps his hands and laughs. “LaLa!!”

Raina, still holding Tara, hears the almost whispered 'LaLa' from her. Her voice is much quieter than her boisterous brother. Raina cuddles her and kisses a soft cheek.

Chairs are added to the table so that Laila can sit next to Thea and Ramji to Lailas side. Rowan moves to the bar to get a whiskey and speak with Traeger. As soon as Laila sits, Tomas is reaching across the table for her. Thea hugs her and says, “I think someone is quite smitten with you.”

Laila smiles and grins as Tomas is handed to her. “Hello Tomas. How are you today?”

The little boy immediately starts to babble, pointing to his papan then to Adrian as if explaining to Laila the batman conversation. He finally looks up at her, smiles and pulls at his shirt.

Alise interprets, explaining that the Batman shirt is at home. Tomas frowns and sighs. Laila hugs him, “Maybe you can wear it tomorrow, when it is clean.”

Ramji protectively drapes an arm around the back of Lailas chair, his fingers lightly caressing a bare arm.

Thea watches silently, taking in the group and the dynamics. She begins to revise the original plan she had in her mind when she came here with Lord Adrian.

I thought to ask her to return with us to Greece if the contract were to be declared void. I see now how selfish that would be. Laila seems to have good friends here, the beginnings of a romance, an opportunity for a new position with people that would care for her, a new life... I should not take those things away from her...

She glances to Alise, sitting next to her husband. She excuses herself when she gets a message from a demifae that Gracie is awake and not settling down.

“My Lord...may I join her? I have questions...”

Adrian nods and Thea joins Alise in going upstairs to the nursery.

Upstairs Alise takes Gracie from the shifter nanny and cuddles her, speaking softly to her in french.

As the baby quiets Thea runs a hand over the little ones head and smiles. “She is beautiful. And her eyes... she is a very old soul I think... I hope you dont mind if I ask you some questions about your offer for my sister.”

Alise shakes her head, “No, of course I do not mind. I would wonder if you werent concerned about her.”

Thea asks several questions about what they would expect of Laila, where she would stay, her pay, all of which Alise answered to her satisfaction. She was glad to hear she would be part of a family and stay in the house, not some shack outside as with Rath. Alise said they had rooms upstairs and there was a large one with a fireplace and its own bathroom that would be perfect for her.

“We could even add a private entrance if she wanted. We have friends skilled in carpentry..” Alises voice trails off as Stoney comes up to her and takes Gracie.

“Madame, I wanted to assure you that your sister would treated as part of our famille. She would be under our protection as well as the Riders.”

Thea nods, “I thank you. It would be wonderful for her. Have you said anything to her about it yet?”

Alise shook her head, “We have only mentioned it. We were waiting to see what happened with this other... situation..”

“Thats probably best. I do not want her with Rath. I know my sister and I know she does not lie. But my lord has to be positive before he can render a decision.”

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