Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, this has been an interesting evening…!

My mind is whirling as I walk to Rowan's to pick up Star. Is it really possible? Has our shiftless ne'er-do-well of a brother resurfaced? Or is it another Viking named Tannr? Only K'thyri knows for certain, and we can't be sure till she returns, with him or otherwise.

Ahhhhh, maybe I'm being unfair. It's true Tannr wasn't the typical Viking. He was better at - well, almost anything - than fighting, though he could boast of his exploits with the best of them. His exploits, though, tended to revolve around eating, drinking and fucking - not necessarily in that order. He was generous to a fault and would give you the shirt off his back - and if you were a reasonably pretty girl, he'd give you his pants, too.

For the hundredth time, I resolve not to worry about it. There's nothing to do but wait… and what the Hel would he be doing in the Unformed fucking Plane anyway? Too late, I realize I'm back on the damn topic again, so it's a pleasure to see lights and people and focus my mind on something else.

Laila's looking much better, snuggled up with Ramji with Panther sprawled nearby. I can hear someone strumming a guitar and head in that direction, not wanting to disturb them.

Stoney turns out to be the player, with Alise, Rowan and Star sitting around in a rough semicircle. Star has Mera in her arms, rocking her almost imperceptibly and Alise and Rowan are similarly occupied. Star looks up and smiles at my approach.

"Is it time to leave already?"

Gods, I love this woman! "I'm afraid so, Princess. You may not need a beauty sleep, but I need all the help I can get."

I extend a hand and carefully help her to her feet, still holding Mera in the other arm. She turns and her glance takes in everyone. "I should tell Laila goodnight…."

"Go ahead, Princess. Here, leave Mera with me and I'll take over for a bit." She hands the baby to me and moves to where Laila and Ramji are, swaying back and forth to the music. Her words are too quiet to overhear, but Laila nods solemnly, with an odd expression on her face… I'll have to ask Star what happened as we walk.

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