Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ky stood up slowly, letting her leg stretch, trying to get used to the brace around her ankle. It felt awkward and clumsy but she was standing on her own.

I guess thats something....

She hobbled over to the tent entrance and looked out. The camp was busy as usual, lots of people coming and going. One of the healers assistants came to her and offered her a pair of crutches. She laughed and shook her head.

“Maybe a cane for balance, but no crutches.” Goddess, this is bad enough. Everyone will treat me like an invalid...

The assistant returns with a cane, which Ky grudgingly takes. She makes her way to the stables and finds Horse. He makes quick work of the carrot she had saved for him, munching happily then nuzzling her in thanks. Ky laughs and strokes the big head until her attention is caught by some yelling outside.

She pauses in the doorway of the stables. A group of men is laughing and shoving each other, placing bets and from the looks of it, more than a little drunk. Two men separate themselves from the group and start to wrestle, both intent on taking the other down. The group cheers for their favorite. Ky's eyes widen as she realizes one of the contestants is Tannr.

She smiles, then sighs. Like anyone is going to take him down. They would have to cheat. I should try to get to know him better, Raina loves him dearly, but he is so damn unapproachable. Raina said Erik used to be like that, until he met Star and fell in love with her. But this one is so... infuriating.... and why so touchy about the dead sister? Raina has explained the whole story to me, she made no mention of Tannr in it. Is there more to it?

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