Sunday, March 27, 2011

Star taps lightly on the door of her old room. She slowly opens the door and peeks in. She can see Laila in the soft lamp light, Ramjis arms around her, resting on her side.

She walks silently to the bed, thinking to just set the basket down and leave, but Laila senses someone in the room. She opens her eyes and whispers, “Star... you're back....”

Grinning from ear to ear Star replies, “Yes. And Serena has a surprise for you.”

Star lifts the pillowcase she had used to cover the basket to reveal Lailas white cat and her three newborns.

“One black one and two black and white.”

Laila gently runs a finger over the newborns soft fur. Serena starts to purr loudly, happy to be with Laila again. “Arent they precious? Thank you so much... you have been such a good friend....” Tears start to slip down her cheeks.

Wiping them away Star tells her, “Dont cry...”

“I cant help it. You have all been so kind. And Ramji... he stayed with me through the whole thing. He never left once....”

Star smiles, “I told you he likes you, more than likes you. Here. Rowan wants you to take a pain pill. It will help you sleep too.” Star hands her the pill and gets her a glass of water from the bathroom.

“You get some rest. I'll get everything set up for Serena and I'll come back tomorrow. Should I bring Mera to see you?”

“Yes, thank you for everything.” Laila snuggles into Ramji and closes her eyes. Between exhaustion and the medication Laila is soon fast asleep.

Ramji watches as Star sets up a litter box, food, water and a dish of milk, working quietly so as not to disturb Laila.

Star can sense him watching and looks up from her tasks.

Ramji nods his thanks. Star smiles softly and whispers goodnight. She dims the light even further and silently leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

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