Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When Fisher leaves, Guunnar works his way through the tables to meet the Gothi. He accepts a chair and is soon deep in conversation. The sound of their laughter rings above all other noise.

Tori stops at the sound board to talk to Byte while Ike takes a tray from Monty. She stops by Rowan and slides a glass in front of her. "On the house." Moments later she is gone, taking drinks to Raina's table after sliding a complimentary Corona in front of Jack.

Ob grins as he wraps his arms around Pandora's waist from behind. He nuzzles the back of her neck, nipping lightly. I am very glad Nanny has the children settled upstairs. She feels his tail slide along her leg, and she stiffens to keep her knees from buckling as the tip of his tail presses against the crotch of her panties. he feels the moan in her mind and smiles genially at the people she had been talking to. "Forgive me for intruding, but I have need of my wife."

He leads her to the Tavern's office, his tailtip stroking over her crotch again and again. he locks the door behind them and pushes her against it. His lips find hers as he pins her to the door. The soft sounds she makes brings a grin and he drops to his knees, hiking her skirt. Before she can do more than gasp, he forces her legs apart and thrusts his long tongue into her wet channel. He pulls back when her hands sink in his hair. He looks up at her, then stands and swings her up. his tail clears the desk top and he almost drops her on it, pushing her legs up and back. He exposes her wet pussy to his gaze and licks his lips.

"Hold your ankles, Mujer." Pandora complies and Ob's thumbs caress along her nether lips, opening them wide. His tongue follows, lapping slowly, teasingly, until she begins to whimper. He lifts his head, face wet from her juices.

"Cum for me this way Bruha... let me drink you down before I fuck you over your own desk."

She watches his mouth lower over her as his fingers explore, thrusting deep, then withdrawing. His eyes roll upward, capturing her gaze and he grins as a finger forces its way wetly through the tight ring of her ass. She bucks and screams as he clamps his mouth over her, tongue and teeth toying with her clit.

Stoney slides into a chair next to Alise and brings her hand to his lips. He raises his eyes to her soft lavender gaze, a wicked gleam in his dark stare. She shivers as he slides his mind into hers, making her feel his tongue exploring between her thighs, as he flicks it innocently over the top of her hand. He opens the link in their minds, letting her capture a glimpse of a busy mouth and whimpers of pleasure.

He leans close and whispers in her ear. "*Allons-nous trouver une chambre, ma s├ęductrice? It has been awhile since we dallied without worrying the children would wake or hear."

*Shall we get a room, my seductress?

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