Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ky takes a deep breath, This wasnt quite the way she imagined this working out. She definitely felt at a disadvantage being stuck in a cot with her leg pretty much immobile. And how to explain about her and Raina? She couldnt imagine any sibling of hers being a prude and not one that looked this good, but you never knew about people.

“Well.... for starters, you have a sister, not had. She's a really close friend of mine, in the human realm. She was here a while back, when Morgan was captured and killed, you may have heard about that...”

The stranger nods and opens his mouth to ask another question but Ky beats him to it. “Is your name Tannr?”

“Yes, but a lot of people know my name. Raina cannot still be alive, its just not possible.”

Ky raises an eyebrow, “You're still alive. Why couldnt she be?”

“But I live here, the Unformed Plane. Time isnt like it should be or like it is in other places. It must be another girl named Raina..”

Shaking her head Ky says, “No, I dont think so. Shes about as tall as me, straight black hair, emerald green eyes, just like yours and your brothers.”

“My brother?! Which one? How hard did you hit your head when you got hurt?”

Trying not to laugh at the look on Tannrs face, “I didnt hit my head at all. Erik. Your brother Erik. He has the same eyes, although not quite as bright a color...”

Tannr shakes his head. 'You must be a crazy person. A crazy Wyldfae. There is no way they are alive. And I would like to know how you know about them in the first place.”

K'thyri sighs, not sure what to say to convince him. “When I can ride, you can come with me. I can prove it to you. I am not making this up or lying to you. What reason would I have for that?”

With a look that tells Ky he still isnt convinced he says, “I dont know. Maybe its some kind of a trap. Although I dont know what the Wyldfae would want with me...”

Ky, who doesnt have a lot of patience to begin with, is starting to lose her temper and her fists hit the side of the cot. “Damn it! The Wyldfae dont want you. I dont want you. I have lovers, what would I do with you? And dont say ransom, you know how often that happens out here.”

Tannr laughs, “You dont know what to do with me? Are your lovers eunuchs then?”

“You fool. You are entirely too young...” Ky has to fight an overwhelming urge to throw something at his smug head.

“Too young? You arent exactly an old woman. This is ridiculous. I know when I am being lied to.” Tannr turns to leave the tent.

'Wait! Please. Your sister, she has lots of tattoos, a dragon on her back, a panther on one arm, a snake that is usually on her neck, but he seems to be wherever depending on his mood. Sometimes they are tattoos... and sometimes they are not. I know you understand what I am talking about..”

Tannr pauses, How in Hel does she know that?

Ky continues, “Your brother, he has a phoenix on his back, who is rarely off his back for some reason. A tiger on his arm and a wolf on his chest. Wolf is usually running around. They told me you always followed them around, that you got in a lot of trouble and burned down a barn or something... not on purpose though... Raina left home when your sister Tara was killed, she blamed herself for years...."

Tannr is at the side of the cot in two strides and leans close to Ky. “Do not speak of my sister Tara. Do not. I swear I will strangle you..”

Ky's eyes go hard and cold. “If you touch me you will regret it.”

Something in her voice and eyes or what she has told him makes Tannr pause. “I will go with you. If nothing else to shove your lying words down your throat.” He turns and quickly vanishes into the night.

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