Sunday, March 27, 2011

Laila refuses anything to dull the pain. Each stoic wince, every momentary tensing, puts her deeper in Ramji's heart. He watches the trembling begin as Rowan begins on the deeper cuts. Ramji leans close, whispering in her ear.

*"Jednostavno, Malo Janje. To će uskoro biti više. Tada možete spavati."

She leans back against his chest, taking shallow breaths. She says nothing, nodding and gritting her teeth. Ramji looks to Rowan, concern for Laila evident in his expression.

"The glass missed anything major. Laila, you have been very lucky. Your hand will just need time to heal." Rowan begins to move things to the sink for cleanup. "There is a spare room upstairs. In the wardrobe are some simple shifts. Laila will not be able to tie the strings. Can you help her with that? I need to clean this up."

Ramji looks at the woman. There is a fire sparking in her gaze. He says nothing as he helps Laila to her feet. She leans on him slightly, each step getting firmer. As the ascend the stairs, he looks back, seeing Rowan grab a bottle and four glasses. She turns, holds them up and points outside. Ramji inclines his head. Moments later she is out the door. Laila pauses, glancing back at him. Ramji gives her a smile. He takes her bandaged hand in his, kissing the wrappings.

"You need to rest. Come."

Laila sits on the bed as he rummages through the nightgowns. he finds three that should fit Laila. He lays it on the bed and watches as she lays aside the yasmak. She folds it carefully, as if it were a rare treasure. Ramji kneels at her feet, removing her sandals and tucking them under the edge of the bed. He hears her huff of frustration and looks up to see her fumbling at the buttons of her blouse.

He says nothing, merely moves her hands and undoes her buttons, one at a time. He stills, pausing as the fabric parts and reveals her tanned skin. Ramji trails a finger lightly over the swell of a small breast. Laila closes her eyes and Ramji returns to her buttons. He eases the blouse from her arms, cautious of her hand. Folding it with care, he lays the blouse on a chair.

When he turns, she is standing, sliding the skirt down her legs. She steps out of it and turns, bending to pick it up. She rises, holding it out to him. Ramji opens his mouth to speak, but loses all thought at the sight of her in nothing but panties and jewelry.

As he takes it, Laila smiles and murmurs a thank-you. Ramji lays the skirt, unfolded on top of her blouse. Turning to step close. He lifts her hair, drawing it over her shoulder. The clasp of her necklace opens easily and he gently removes it. His fingers deftly remove the earrings, turning to stroke the backs of his fingers along her jaw.

^"Vi ste ... zapanjujući."

His lips brush hers and Ramji steps back, reaching for the shift. He helps her put on the nightgown, lacing the back. Tightening the bow, he bends his head to kiss lightly along her neck. "Were I less, I would seek to share your bed. But because you are so much more, I will wait until you are stronger."

Laila leans into his embrace. She turns in his arms, pressing her ear to his chest.

He holds her, cheek rubbing lightly in her hair as she listens to the beat of his heart. When he urges her to the bed, she goes, letting him tuck the sheets around her. Laila's hand touches his arm as he turns to go.

"Stay with me?"

He says nothing, laying on top of the sheet and gathering her close. Careful of her injured hand, Ramji strokes gentle caresses along her body, easing her tension. Her eyes close and still he touches her, letting her drift in sleep.

*Easy, Little Lamb. It will soon be over. Then you can sleep.

^You are... stunning.

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