Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lord Adrian sits smiling in his mansion, his servant Thea by his side. It is eight o' clock, the hour that he mediates disputes between his people. It is entirely voluntary to bring a case before His Lordship; but his judgment is final. It is a testament to his fairness and wisdom that so many choose this method of resolving their disagreements.

"Andreas, it is your land; therefore it is your right to deny access to it. Still… it is a long way for your neighbors, to go around your property. Cannot you permit an area, say, wide enough for a wagon, where they may pass unimpeded?"

"I have done so, my Lord, many times already; but there are those who will stray from the path into my fields and who do much damage before they go on their way."

"So it is not the right-of-way that troubles you, but the damage that is inflicted on your property when others fail to respect it." He leans forward, steepling his chin in his hands. "Then this is my judgment. You will permit access by such means as you have before. If any stray from the path and damage your crops, that person will make good the damage, not with money, but by repairing the damage he has done with his own hands, until all is as it was before. Does this satisfy you?"

"Aye, my Lord, it does."

Lord Adrian turns to Thea. "Let it be so recorded."

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