Monday, March 28, 2011

Raina listens to Erik on the phone as Nick paces. Something he rarely does but he smiles when his eyes meet Rainas.

Raina sighs as she hangs up the phone and slips it in her pocket. “Well, I may have left him almost speechless....”

“What did he say? I imagine he was as shocked as you looked.” Nick reaches out and pulls her into his arms.

“We just dont have enough information. It could be someone else... and if its our brother, what in every gods name is he doing in the Unformed Plane? He always wanted to be a warrior, he would follow me and Erik like a shadow. But if there were pretty girls or mead around...” Raina smiles and shakes her head. “It was impossible to stay mad at him, kinda like kicking a puppy. I cant imagine him fighting in Faerie, although the accidentally whacking someones head off on a backswing would be just like him...”

“Lets go in, maybe Ky can remember something else about the guy.” Nick runs a hand slowly up the back of Rainas neck. “Unless you want to stay out here for awhile...”

Raina smacks a hand against his chest and grins. “Stop! As tempting as that is, my mind is on other things, vampire.”

The playful teasing continues on their way back inside. At the table Ky is looking lost and worried, afraid she has inadvertently hurt Raina in some way.

Raina reassures her and asks several more questions, revealing that Ky knows little more than what she has already explained. “He never really was close to anyone that I know of, always kind of keeping to himself. You could tell in his eyes he had a soft spot, but you also knew better than to ask. Lets see... what else? He has the biggest horse I have ever seen in my life, kinda mean too. He has two battle axes, they have names but I dont remember what they were. He can put away as much booze or more than Guunnar, if you can believe that...His hair is long, reddish. His eyes are like yours and Eriks, thats what made me think of him. When he smiles, he looks just like Erik...”

Raina sighs and rests her head in her hands, elbows on the table. “I dont know. The thing to do would be to go see if it is him. But I cant do that right now. Time is so fluid in Faerie, even more so in the Unformed Plane. I cant be away when Star has the baby, I know its months away but I cant take the chance. And Erik certainly cant leave now.”

Ky nods and falls silent. Gareth watches her, he can see the emotions in her eyes even when others cant. She is plotting something, but what?

Ky looks at the trio then grabs Rainas hands. “I'll go. I can find him, and I can move quicker if I am alone.”

Everyone at the table starts to object, loudly, causing a few of the patrons to look their way.

Ky takes a deep breath and holds up her hands. “Enough. My mind is made up. I can get in a little fighting, a little riding, see how Inari is doing... and get to the bottom of this. If its your brother I'll bring him back if I have to tie him to that mean ass horse of his.”

“When?” Gareth asks.

“Tomorrow or the next day. No point in putting it off.” Ky signals a waitress and orders a round of drinks.

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