Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ob touches Tori's mind, letting her know he was going to take a sweep over the town before coming home. On silent wings he hovers, watching as a werewolf slides behind the wheel of a police cruiser. he drifts onward, noting a couple stumbling drunkenly down another street. A door opens and a familiar quartet emerges into the night. He prepares to dive, turning on the thermals. Five voices scream at him to stop, making him pause. He shakes his head. Clearing the shouts.

Why not?

Stoney's voice rings loudly. If he dies a true death, what happens to Laila? Will she go to another? Will they treat her better or worse? We don't know. Let him be Bro. For now.

Pandora touches his mind, urging him to come home. Ob looks down at Rath and roars. The vampire looks up at the sound, but Ob is already soaring homeward.

He shifts form almost as soon as his feet touch the stones. The excess mass of his dragon form drifts back into the surrounding earth as he steps through the back door. Pandora waits for him and he sweeps her into his arms, his kisses drinking from her passion as if it were water to a dying man.

He lets the others know that Rath is occupied as he steers Pandora to the two Sidhe.

"Forgive us for making you wait so long. Life here is hectic, as you can see."

They rise and bow slightly. "Tis understood. We have seen that much happens here. We fear that another has not been quite as patient. Perhaps when your child awakens, we could make her acquaintance?"

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