Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alise smiles slowly, mmmm... yes... a room...no children for a little while....

Stoney takes her by the hand and pulls her to her feet and they head upstairs. As soon as they are out of sight of the customers, Stoney pins her up against a wall and grabs a leg, wrapping it around him. He rubs himself against her, already hard and wanting.

Alise wraps her arms around his neck and moans softly. “Chiot, you said something about a room....”

Without a moments hesitation Stoney sweeps Alise up in his arms and carries her to their old room. He lowers Alise enough so that she can reach the doorknob and she giggles as he gives the door a kick as soon as the latch is free. Stoney pauses just inside the door and kicks it shut, letting Alise see the room.

“Oh... Stoney... you planned this....” Her eyes are wide at the sight of several lit candles, flowers and the bed turned down.

Grinning Stoney asks, “You like it? I thought it would be nice for you. You work so hard with the little ones...”

Alise wiggles out of his arms and moves to pull a white rose out of a vase. “Its perfect, more than perfect.” She sets the rose back in its place and turns to Stoney. Slowly unbuttoning her blouse she gives him a little grin, “I love you, Remi...”

Stoney swallows hard as the top hits the floor and Alise reaches around and undoes her lacy black bra. She tosses that on the blouse as she moves closer to the bed. Her breasts are full and inviting, the nipples dark and hard with desire, causing Stoney to go hard almost instantly. As she reaches the bed she slips her skirt down over her hips and lets it fall to the floor. She reaches up to take the clips out of her hair, letting the golden tresses fall around her. Hooking her thumbs in her sheer black panties she gazes at her husband. His eyes are dark, watching her every move.

“Shall I take these off, Chiot?” she asks teasingly.

“You better or I am going to rip them off...' Stoney starts to pull his shirt off.

Slowly slipping the panties down, Alise stands, then sits on the bed. She pushes her self back, legs spread invitingly. “Werent you showing me something with your tongue and my legs?” Alise strokes the insides of her thighs, spreading her legs even further.

Stoney growls and tears his pants off. Kneeling at the foot of the bed he takes in the sight of his wife, spread wantonly before him. Her lips were already wet and glistening, her hands so close....

Alise picks up on his thoughts and starts to stroke herself, her clit going hard at the touch. She moans at the feel and the look in Stoneys eyes as he watches her.

Unable to take any more teasing Stoney kneels between her legs and captures her hands in his. Pulling her arms up over her head, he teases her with his cock, barely entering, then rubbing over her clit. “Is this what you want Chaton? See what you get for your teasing?”

Alise laughs, and pouts. “I am sorry. Now fuck me husband, or do you want me to beg?”

“As you wish...” He enters her slowly, feeling her wet and tight. Alise moans, head thrown back, body shaking. Stoney can feel her trembling and her pussy grabbing his cock and knows she wont last. He starts to thrust into her. “Cum bebe, cum... I am so close....”

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