Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pandora had gone to sleep tight in Obsidian's arms.. .even after they both acknowledged they could not make it through another wild sex session; Ob had wanted to drift off feeling her heart beat against his... knowing his woman was totally his.

Obsidian had risen before the dawn and sat at his usual spot before the terrace door. Pandora had risen a little late and had just bathed and dressed, feeling Ob's eyes on her as she drifted naked around the room... she went to him and wrapped herself as much around his stone form as she could... she felt his mental caress; "I love you Josephito... tonight is an eternity away... but your daughter will keep me busy till you can join us again."

As she said the words she heard her daughter.... Chloe was laughing; when she left the room she realized the sound came from downstairs... and when she reached the landing she could see her father; Traeger was feeding Chloe some fresh fruit... and she was laughing as she tried to feed him. They both stopped and smiled at her as she reached the table and Monty was fast on her heels with a breakfast platter and a carafe of steaming coffee... he always anticipated her needs. Giving her daughter a big hug and kiss, Pandora put her back in the highchair where she grew intent trying to get the fruit in her own mouth.

"Morning,dad... survive the wild party ok?" Traeger grinned and said... "I do believe almost every night is starting to be a party round here.  You young couples did some dancing last night, but I don't think any can match the moves of Silk...although your husband is close; that man has some sexy moves." Pandora blushed and said... "If you only knew."... then blushed again at her bold statement. Traeger just laughed... "You are your mother's daughter, she was a spitfire too, Pandy." Pandora started nibbling at her food and soon Traeger joined her, sharing more tidbits with Chloe when she reached for them.

The sun was shining and Pandora took Chloe up to the roof after breakfast to see how well her plants from Mortuis were fairing... she knew they were thriving; the fae had worked their magick and the garden was lush... the plants full grown and looking as if they had been there years instead of a few months.

Chloe was trying to walk... she drew herself up and stood next to a low wall of flowers, and held her hand out to a butterfly that took a moment to light on her fingertip... she squealed in delight and Pandora was amazed to see several more dancing in the air about Chloe... she was totally immersed in them and her little wings on her back made frantic flapping sounds as she tried to raise in the air with them. "No little one, its not time yet... your wings still have some growing to do... but the butterflies seem to know you are a sky creature." Chloe looked to her mother and smiled... images of Obsidian flying came from her daughter's mind... "Yes baby girl, someday you will fly with all the other gargoyles."

Pandy knelt beside Chloe to show her some of the flower blossoms and they passed a quiet morning basking in the sun... the strong stone figure of Obsidian Heart watching over them.

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