Saturday, March 26, 2011

Si, Bro. I think he is... and if he sets his eyes on mi Bruha tonight, I am taking them out. He has his own followers. He leaves Mujer alone.

Ob watches as Rath makes his way to his regular booth. Pandora moves by and the vampire watches her from the corner of his eye. Ob rises and moves to her side, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply. His mind touches hers in a gentle caress. Mine. She laughs and swats him.

Ob glares over her head at Rath, daring the vampire to look their way. The vampire's eyes slide back to his bimbos, pointedly ignoring them. Ob narrows his gaze, taking in Laila's furious posture. Her gaze finds Ramji as he comes down the stairs. He smiles at her and she smiles back, hiding it quickly by lowering her head. Ramji comes down the rest of the way and joins Dmitri, sitting in the chair affording a view of the group.

Dmitri slides a beer to his friend as Guunnar drops into a chair. The chair creaks alarmingly and Ob leans over the man's shoulder as he walks past.

"Guunnar if you break another chair, I am adding it to your room fee. Doubled."

The Viking laughs and hands Ob his wallet. "No promises, mein freund. If Ramji's eyes get any koldere, ve vill be breaking lots uf furniture. Mostly on das vamp."

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