Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tavern door opens on boisterous laughter. Several young people enter, followed by the large form of Guunnar. He bumps shoulders with Jeb, waves to the group as they find a table, and heads to the bar. Halfway there he spies the twins. The Viking bends over Laila and frowns at Tomas. The little boy scrunches up his face and glares at Guunnar. A low growl rumbles in Guunnar's chest, and Tomas snarls back. Tara peeks around Raina's neck and echoes her brother. Guunnar huffs, puffing out his mustache. The twins giggle, Tara covering her face with her hands. Tomas grabs a fist full of mustache and yanks. Guunnar winces, disentagling the little boy's hand.

"Ach Leetle Varrior, du vill vone day haff your own. Leaf mine vere it ist, ja? Unca Guunnar ask vhy du still up? Shouldst not leetle vones be abed?" He turns to Chloe. "Dat go fur du too." He bends close and kisses her nose. He grins at their parents. "I take dem up." He gives the families an innocent face, making Star and Alise laugh.

Keon's dry voice drifts from behind the big man's bulk. "I nae think that is a good idea, mate." He takes Mera from Star's arms to kiss her, handing his daughter back to Star. "Besides, an ye not be riling up the bairns, ye be hitting on the Nanny. I think ye best be letting their parents be taking them up."

Guunnar winks at the women. "Ach ist gut enuff. Dere are lovely ladies here as vell. And who ist dis?" He takes Thea's hand and kisses the fingers tips. "I am Guunnar... and du... are beautiful."

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