Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guunnar follows Keon up the stairs. There is a squeal of delight when his large frame fills the doorway. Tomas and Tara are reaching for him before he is even half way across the room. He picks the twins up, one in each arm, laughing as they tug at his mustache. Keon smiles at him as the nanny helps him with Grace and Mera. Moments later Dmitri knocks, offering to take Grace.

Keon shakes his head at his fellow Riders. "Look at us, lads. No monsters would be afeared of such as we. Tis doting on the wee ones that takes away our darkness."

"Vat? Ach Ke... ve be more fearsome!" He hefts the twins, making them giggle. "Das kinder know ve keep dem safe from das boogie men. Dat ist vat ve are fur."

Dmitri smiles at the infant in his arms. She blinks, her soft brown eyes capturing his gaze. "They are *mikrá tháv̱mata, small miracles, gifts from above." He blows her a kiss as she grips his finger and coos. "Now I know why you miss your children Guunnar."

The Viking laughs, making the twins chortle as they are bounced. "Dmi ist showing da momma in him. Ve must be careful Ke, or ve vill haff him vanting a voman uff his own."

The Greek shakes his head. "No my friends. I have no interest in women, save when they are the little joys these are now. I don't think I would deal well when they are older. Too many... issues."

The trio laugh and thank the nanny for her time. Carrying the little ones, they join Alise downstairs to find out what Stoney has told her about Laila.

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