Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adrian looks across the table at the redheaded healer. She meets his gaze head-on, neither defiant nor intimidated. Well, we may as well get started.

"To begin with, healer, I would know - what are the extent of Laila's injuries?"

"Well, she was very lucky that no tendons were cut. She has numerous stitches; I haven't counted them. She has a long cut across the palm of her hand - that is the worst one - two smaller ones that go up her middle and index fingers. There are several smaller cuts that did not require stitches, only cleaning and dressing. So far, it seems to be healing fine. No infection, no significant loss of movement."

"And how did she come by them? I have heard her story, but I would hear your version of the facts."

"I did not see the glass breaking incident myself, but those that told me about it, I trust implicitly."

"Does my brother commonly treat her in such a fashion - physical injury, I mean - or was this an isolated event?"

Rowan leans back and sighs. “She is covered with bruises, although those are starting to fade.  I believe he beats her when he can't force her to do what he demands."

"What have you observed of the interaction between Rath and Laila? I will not lead you in any particular direction… just speak from the heart."

"What I have seen for myself was a girl that was beaten into submission and very tired of it. She would refuse to wait on Rath's whores and he would become extremely angry with her. We were all worried, she has a bit of a temper and a mind of her own.

I have worked with enough battered women to know one when I see one. Laila would never have told any of us had he not lost his temper that night and broken the glass.”

Adrian leans back in his chair with a sigh. "What you tell me, if it be corroborated by others, is sufficient cause for voiding the contract between my brother and Laila. You can serve her well if you will tell me the names of others I may speak to regarding this matter."

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