Saturday, March 26, 2011

When we get back home, the girls adjourn for some girl-talk (I suspect they may let their fingers do the talking, if not the walking), leaving me alone with Nick.

I sigh. "Well… being postponed isn't the same as being stood up."

"True," Nick agrees. He has a whimsical smile on his face, a look so unlike Nick that I do an involuntary double take. "Have a good time with the girls?"

It takes me a minute to decipher the look. "You knew?"

"I suspected. When you came back looking like the canary that ate the cat - then I knew. Enjoy yourself?"

"Thoroughly," I say with feeling.

"Cool." He smiles. "You know... we don't have to be idle while the ladies are chatting...."

"Sounds like a plan to me. There are plenty of bedrooms we haven't used yet...."

"Let's find one and put it to use." And with that, we set out to find a room.

It doesn't take long to find one. The furnishings are somewhat Spartan, but it has a bed and that's all we really care about. Nick pulls me roughly into his arms and kisses me hard, his tongue ravishing my mouth, his hands moving under my clothes. "Easy, lover," I say, chuckling. "It'll be kind of hard to miss what we've been up to if I come back with all my buttons ripped off."

"So?" - and with that he tugs my shirt apart. Buttons spray and he fastens his lips to a nipple and sucks sharply; I gasp and some of his impatience communicates itself to me. I wrestle his shirt over his head and leave hot wet bites over his pale cool flesh. Nick groans beneath my mouth and I unzip him, scoop his cock out and lower my mouth to him, stroking his balls while I slowly lap at his thick length. I jerk his pants to his knees and cover him with the heat of my mouth. He's making a low snarling sound as I suck his cock, taking him deeper with each thrust, taking him deep in my throat, swallowing him down... I move my mouth back up, licking and fondling, sucking and biting gently, lovingly... I pull my mouth off him with a pop. "Fuck me, Nick," I say, working my jeans over my hips, shoving them to my knees. He kisses me hungrily, finding and freeing my throbbing cock. He strokes me gently while he kisses me into a frenzy. "Gods, Nick... take me, fuck me," I groan. I bite back a shriek as he takes me in his mouth, down his throat without a pause. How can his mouth be so hot when his skin is so cool? It's my last rational thought for a while. My friend, my lover deep-throats me for what seems like hours; I groan and writhe and explode without warning, again and again, deep in his welcoming mouth. He doesn't lose a drop, sucking me deep, milking me of everything, draining me into his mouth….

While I'm still trying to recover, he presses his cock to my lips. I open my mouth eagerly, wanting to give him pleasure as great as he's given me. He fucks my wet mouth and my throat and I suck and swallow feverishly, wanting his cum… but it's not to be. He pulls out of my mouth, gently moves me to my knees and kneels behind me. I open to him, wanting this, wanting to pleasure him… he takes my ass with one long smooth thrust, stabbing deep… I jerk with pleasure at the feeling, relaxing around his thick cock, letting him take me as deep, as hard as he wants. He grabs my hips, slamming deep, moaning deep in his throat. I feel him tense and then relax, pounding into me, filling my ass, stretching me. Fuck, it feels good! He jerks again and I tighten my ass, clutching at him… and then he roars and fills me with his juices, scalding hot, spilling inside me, bursting, shooting deep and I groan as I feel his hot cum jet deep, deep inside me… Gods…!

I head back to my room just half an hour before dawn, leaving Nick to make his own way, but something tells me that the play isn't over. I stop just outside the door and watch, mystified, as Nick smiles and waves at a bare wall.

Then I remember. K'thyri. Gods, was she watching all this time?

I'm so lost in thought I almost bump into Nick as he heads back to the room he shares with Raina. "You know," he says conversationally, "you really do breathe like a warthog."

…leaving me completely lost for words.

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