Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tork has landed on the table and is allowing one of the Sidhe to scratch his leathery head. There is the soft rumble coming from the dragon that Twillon has only heard when Weebit strokes and grooms the creature.

At their approach, Tork takes to the air and settles on Weebit's shoulders, wrapping his tail along Weebit's slender neck. She tickles him under the chin and the dragon chirps happily.

The smaller of the visitors smiles. "So Tork, you have found the perfect companion,"

The dragon rumbles softly, closing his eyes as he rests his head on his forelegs.

The Sidhe laughs. "If not companion, then perch." The dragon growls softly, fern ruff rising. "Teasing Tork, I am teasing." He turns his attention to the couple, "You must be lady Weebit and The Dark Lord Twillon. I am Deraght. This is Churin."

Twillon nods to them both. "Dragon Handlers."

The taller of the visitors smiles. "Blessed with a duty we enjoy. Join us? We await the Stone Dragon and his wife. I assume they will be a bit longer."

Twillon holds a chair for Weebit, then drops into the one beside her. Soon the foursome are exchanging news of the Realms and Weebit is getting tips on keeping Tork healthy and happy.

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