Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laila awakens slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the morning light streaming in the window. She snuggles deeper into the safety of Ramji's arms. The fingers of her uninjured hand trace his jawline and chin, then slowly outline a tattoo on his cheek.

His eyes open and he watches her, watches the expression of curiosity on her face.

“Does it frighten you, what I am?” he asks, his hand reaching for hers, kissing the wrist, then the palm.

“No, I am not afraid of you or what you do.” Laila whispers.

"Good. What I do now, is not who I am."

“I know...” Laila sits up on an elbow and smiles softly.

As Ramji pulls her down and kisses her, Laila's stomach starts to rumble. They part laughing and Ramji brings a robe from the closet and helps Laila into it. They can hear Rowan downstairs, and as soon as they open their door the aroma of eggs and bacon fills the air.

Lailas stomach growls again. “Mmmm', that smells good".

Ramji swings her up easily in his arms and she starts to giggle. “Put me down. My feet are fine.”

He carries her down the stairs then sets her on her feet.

Rowan smiles at the couple, “Good Morning. Breakfast in on the porch. Go ahead and make yourself at home.”

Entering the porch Laila almost gasps. The table is set and Rowan placed a vase full of flowers in the middle. “It's so nice. I dont want to mess it up...”

Rowan sets a platter of fruit on the table. “Nonsense. I always have breakfast out here, unless I get called away early. There wont be flowers too much longer so we should enjoy them. Sit. Eat. Then we can check your hand.”

Ramji pulls a chair out for Laila and when she sits he kisses the top of her head. “I'll be back in a moment. I have a phone call to make.”

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