Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rowan sets down the sweet smelling herbs she was getting ready to hang up for drying when she hears a knock at the door. Opening it she is surprised to see a car parked at the end of what passes for her driveway and a very distinguished looking man standing on her front porch.

“Can I help you?”

The stranger clears his throat and in the evening light something about the man seems almost familiar to Rowan.

"You have a guest staying here, I believe? Laila? I would like to speak with her, if I may. But forgive my rudeness. My name is Adrian. To my chagrin, I am Rath's elder brother."

It was rare when anything left Rowan speechless, but this almost did. “Oh... well... please come in. My name is Rowan. Laila is here, but may I ask why you want to speak to her? She has been through enough and is finding some happiness finally. Her hand is beginning to heal and I dont want her upset.”

Adrian takes Rowans hand and kisses the knuckles lightly. “Rest assured, I have no wish to upset her. If I have been told true, his treatment of his servant and breaking his contract with her and her family should not go unpunished.”

“Laila does not lie, but I will get her for you. Please, have a seat...” Rowan gestures towards the table and chairs. “Excuse the mess, it is almost time to change her dressings..”

Laila is sitting on the floor, watching Serena clean her kittens. She gently runs a finger over the soft fur on each small body. She looks up and says "come in" when Rowan knocks.

“I hate to interrupt, but there is someone here to see Laila.”

Laila and Ramji exchange looks. Laila is instantly fearful that it is Rath, come to take her back. “Who is it?” she asks as she stands.

“Adrian, Raths brother..”

Laila is stunned into silence for a moment, her thoughts whirling. “Adrian? Is here?”

Ramji grins, “Good. Dmitri said he would come.”

“But so soon... and my clothes.... I dont look presentable... and my hand, it isnt healed yet...”

Ramji stands and pulls her close. 'You look presentable to me, more than presentable...” He tips her chin and kisses her lightly to the side of her mouth. “He should see your hand and what that bastard did to you.”

“I agree.” Rowan inclines her head towards the stairs, “Lets not keep him waiting..”

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