Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keon and Erik had finally come in for a late supper. Star went to get Mera to see her Da before she fell too soundly asleep. As she neared the crib she could see a bluish haze beginning to fade. Bending over Mera, Star could see the happiness in the little girls eyes. She picks her up and snuggles with her a moment before she notices the light pink pearls nestled in a sea shell on the babies dresser.

“Oh Mera....look what your mommy left for you. Arent they pretty? I bet we can find someone to make you a necklace...”

Star carries the baby into the kitchen and shows the pearls in the shell to Erik and Keon. “Cassie must leave them for Mera. I dont know where else they would come from...”

She notices the sadness in Keons eyes as his gaze takes in the sea shell and his baby daughter. Handing Mera to him she asks “Do you know of anyone who could make a necklace out of them?”

“Oh aye, I'll see to it. I am sure tis why Cassie left them.” Keon holds his daughter close, running a large hand over the baby's soft curls. “Has she left anything else?”

“Just some funny looking coins. I can get them for you.” Star moves out of the kitchen when she hears Erik ask, “Princess, what color are the coins?”

“A funny dark gold color. Why?”

Erik lowers his head into his hands and chuckles. “What am I going to do with her?”

“She doesnt ken about the value of money?” Keon asks.

“No, she doesnt. And she doesnt care. Rowan said she tried to teach her too, but Star is fairly stubborn about it and Rowan didnt get very far with it.”

Star returns to the men with a small box in her hand. “Here. I have been saving the things she leaves for Mera..”

She pushes the box towards Keon. Leaving it sit on the table he uses his free hand to open it. Inside are several gold doubloons and sea shells of various colors.

Erik looks and asks, “What do you suppose those coins are worth?”

“I hae no idea, but I can find out.” Keon takes a small coin from the box, “May I?”

“Of course. They arent mine.” Star pushes the box even closer towards Keon.

“No lass. You go right on saving these things for Mera for now. We may want to move the coins to a safe, but you keep them for now.”

Star smiles and takes the box back to Meras dresser.

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