Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some time later, Star is suddenly uneasy and asks if Miko is around. Ob nods and sends Miko upstairs to guard the nursery door. The demifae never question Stars feelings.

Laila is visiting with her sister when a commotion at the front door catches her attention. She tries to see what is going on but Jebs body is blocking her view. He is arguing loudly with someone she cant see.

Ramji notices Laila go suddenly still and pale. “Sweetheart, what is wrong?”

“It's Rath. At the door. I know it is. I would know his voice anywhere.”

Adrian takes note of the panicked expression on her face and exchanges a glance with Ramji. “We could just get this over with since he is clamoring for entrance...”

“Shall I tell Jeb to let the vampire in?” Ob asks.

Adrian nods, “Yes, lets see what my brother has to say.”

Rath has a smug smile on his face as he enters the tavern. “I told you they would let me back in. It was entirely that servants fault to begin with. I should never have been kicked out in the first place.”

As Rath escorts the two blondes to his favorite booth he stops suddenly. Staring at him from the other side of the tavern was his brother Adrian. His glance takes in the woman sitting next to him.  

Thea... of course he would bring her just to taunt me. She should have been mine... not the incompetent younger sister... and who else but the idiot servant with her... I imagine she went crying to one or the other...

As Rath approaches Laila edges closer to Ramji and Thea closer to Laila, trying to give her some sense of security.

“Well, Adrian. Hello. And to what do I owe the umm... pleasure of your company? I hardly think you traveled all this way just to chat and catch up.”

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