Tuesday, March 29, 2011

While the others visited with Rowan and Laila, Ramji took the time to head into the open air market. He had hidden his supplies when he returned, spending time alone in the kitchen. Lamb and beef were marinating, the greens had been tossed. As he rolls dolmades, Rowan peeks in. She asks him what he is up to, and he smiles.


She nods, watching him layer the stuffed grape leaves in her dutch oven. As he adds a second layer she reminds him that Star eats no meat. He grins. "Lamb and beef marinating for the grill. These are rice, feta, bean, and herbs. Tzatziki is in a bowl in the refridgerator." He adds the tomato and lemon sauce, setting it to simmer on the stove. he looks up at Rowan, a twinkle in his eye. "I doubt Laila gets this type of comfort food often."

He turns to chop ingredients, whistling a tune from his childhood as he mixes breadcrumbs with eggplant, cheeses, and egg to stuff the tomatoes for yemista.

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