Saturday, March 26, 2011

Laila gasps at the beautiful box Ramji has placed in her lap. She runs a finger slowly over the inlay. “What is this for? Its so beautiful...”

“Its for you. Open it and look inside...” Ramji smiles at her.

She smiles shyly at him and unties the ribbon, intending to save it. As she sees the jewelry inside, tears fill her eyes, the evil eye beads reminding her of home.

“Oh... I dont know what to say... the pieces are beautiful...” She looks at Ramji and throws her arms around him. “Thank you. I have no jewelry save these ear rings that my ears were pierced with when I was little. Can I wear them now?”

Ramji smiles at her, “Of course you can. Let me help...” Ramji takes the necklace out of the box while Laila removes her old ear rings. As he fastens the necklace around her neck he whispers, “The creator has bound protection into his craft ..”

Laila nods and her fingers lightly touch the beads. She slips in the ear rings and gives her head a shake, liking the tinkling sound they make with her movement. A small laugh of pure joy makes Ramji and the girls smile.

Star leans close, unable to control her curiosity any longer. “May I see?”

Both Star and Alise admire Lailas new jewelry, while Laila and Ramji cant seem to take their eyes off each other.

Star asks, “What time is it? I need to get Mera into some water pretty soon. Its getting hot...”

Alise stands, “If you can watch Gracie for a minute I can go talk to the man selling the instruments. Then we can head back if you want.”

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