Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The sound of Tori's jeep has Alise's head turning. Stoney is by her side in less than a heartbeat. His lips caress her temple while a hand tangles in her golden waves.

"Ma belle déesse du soleil."

His long, lanky frame folds as he drops to the grass beside her. Peeking under the blanket, he leans in to kiss Grace, brushing a kiss along Alise' bared breast. She shivers and he kisses again, licking lightly. he is grinning as he sits back, keeping his wife modestly covered.

He licks his lips, watching desire burn in Alise's shuttered gaze. Something catches his attention and he inhales. "Mmmmm... Mediterranean... lamb?"

Ramji laughs, working quickly to strip lamb and beef onto a platter. "You have had this before?"

The Gargoyle nods. "A few decades ago Ob and I spent time in Turkey and Syria, hiding from my family. We lived in the mountains and the desert. The nomads took us in as one of theirs. Ob is Gypsy, so they kept his secret. I am his brother, so... But the food... oh how I missed the food." Ramji hides a grin as Stoney meets his gaze, pleading. "Tell me you have mouskara?"

Ramji laughs. "Not mouskara, but I made tzatziki."

When Ramji hands Stoney a plate of meat and peppers, the gargoyle drags his finger through the white sauce. He licks his finger, closing his eyes.

"I am sorry Chaton... but I think I have found love with a white sauce..."

Ramji shakes his head, helping Laila to her feet.

"Dođite jesti, my friends." He smiles and gestures to the tables. "Come eat!"

*My beautiful goddess of the sun

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