Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rowan hurries into the back door of the tavern. She had no idea what was wrong, Alise tended to lapse into French when she was excited or upset, and in this case she was definitely upset. All Rowan knew for sure was that it wasnt any of the children and there was a lot of blood. And something about an asshole vampire.

Cant be Nicholas, he and Alise are surprisingly good friends. Did he bite someone? Did that Rath character bite someone?

Rowan sees a waitress on her knees, mopping up the blood. Jeb is arguing with Rath, telling him he needs to leave. Monty inclines his head towards the door of the private back room. Rowan nods and heads into the room.

As she enters the room the first thing she hears a “Remerciez un dieu”* from Alise. Rowans smile fades as she sees Laila sitting in the table, blood dripping, Ramji trying to get the small pieces of glass out of her hand and Alise holding the other hand. The girl was obviously in pain and trying hard to be brave, tears streaming down her face, but not so much as a flinch while Ramji worked.

“Thats a lot of blood, we should apply some pressure...” Rowan grabs a towel draped over the back of a chair and steps closer.

“Rowan, we cant. There is glass sticking out in several places... come look...” Alise points to a wickedly sharp shard sticking out of the palm of Lailas hand.

“Goddess.... what happened?”

As an explanation is given, Alise watches the play of emotions cross Rowans face. She exchanges a glance with Stoney. Chiot, I have never seen her so angry....

A quick assessment and plan run through Rowans mind. “All right. We need to move her to my place. Taking the glass out is going to be tricky.” She looks at Stoney, "Can you fly her there? It would be the fastest way...”

At Stoneys nod, Rowan excuses herself, “I have one thing to do before we leave.....” and she exits the room.

Monty had seen her leave the room and quickly poured a glass of whiskey, setting on the edge of the bar. Rowan grabbed it on her way past, Ob stepping right behind her.

“Sweet Priestess, you arent going to toss that in anyones face are you?”

“Only if he tries to hypnotize me. I wouldnt waste good whiskey otherwise.” Rowan is beyond angry, her words clipped.

She approaches Rath and Jeb. Rath pulling his arm away and saying he is perfectly capable of walking.

Rowan steps between them and shoves Rath hard, down into a chair.

“I beg your pardon, how insufferably rude...”

“And you are an insufferable asshole. Why she hasnt opened your coffin and let the sun shine in, I dont know. But you are done mistreating her. I hope you can convince one of these creatures,” Rowan waves a hand towards the blondes, “to wait on you. Laila wont be. The injuries to her hand could be serious, if the glass has cut a tendon or infection sets in, well, her recovery could take some time. You have done a poor job in your responsibility to care for her...”

“Well, she is just a servant...and a poor one at that.”

Rowans hands were in fists, begging the Goddess for help in not strangling the smug face before her. She raises the glass of whiskey and tosses it in Raths face. “Over my dead body will she go back to your service.”

Rath smiles, whiskey dripping off his face. “That can always be arranged..”

Ob grabs the vampire by his shirt front and heaves him to his feet. His pale blue eyes shimmer, pupils narrowing. There is a distinct growl in his words. “You dare to threaten a Daughter of the Goddess?" He yanks the vampire close, meeting him glare for glare. There is a distinct tinge of sulphur to his breath as he growls. "Not in here you don't and not in front of me.”

Ob roughly drags Rath to the door and Jeb follows, ushering Raths groupies in front of him. Monty has the door open to the night and Ob tosses the creature out. Rath's females move past, two rushing to help him rise. The last looks Ob over slowly, licking her lips. She captures her lower lip between her lip and gives him a smoky smile. Ob growls a warning and she glides after her friends.

Ob returns to Rowan,  “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

“Yes, actually there is. I need to get myself and Laila to my place quickly. Stoney has offered to fly Laila, can you take me?”

"It would be my honor. Meet me out back."

*Thank god

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