Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drai, on his way to bring K'thyri her supper, watches as the Viking leaves the medical tent and heads towards the canteen. He goes to see Ky who is still fuming.

“Calm down. What did he say to you to make you so mad?”

Ky glares, still angry by the encounter. “He doesnt believe me. I hate being called a liar. I am not lying.”

Drai nods and smiles. He knows Ky well and knows she will calm down shortly. “I know. But it is hard to believe. Would you believe it were the tables turned?”

Shrugging her shoulders as she watches her brother set up a tray for her food, her stomach starts to growl, making her smile. “That smells good. I dont know if I would believe it. But as soon as my leg is better I am going to knock him on his know-it-all little ass.”

Drai laughs and enjoys the time with his sister. “I would pay to see that sister.” But I am glad I wont be on that trip to the human realm. I hope they both make it there without killing each other...

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