Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alise was holding Gracie and watching the twins from the deck. Tara had been upset earlier when Raina had to leave but was happy now, Star holding her and Mera, telling them stories. Tomas was playing some game he found uproariously funny. He would pull himself up on Panther, who would nonchalantly use her head to knock him down as soon as he was standing. Tomas would roll in the grass, laughing and reach for Laila, who would use her good hand to roll him over. His squeals and the way he called Laila “La-la” were making the others laugh with him.

Alise was sharing with Stoney, who was on his way over. If she needs a place after all this I want to ask her if she would be our nanny. The children love her....

We will talk when I get there Chaton....

Alise is smiling when she bends down to scoop up Tomas and rescue Laila. “You must let her rest Tomas. Her hand still pains her.”

Lailas head turns as she catches a whiff of something hitting the grill. “That smells heavenly... is Rowan cooking?”

Alise grins, “Actually, I think it is Ramji.”

Another scent, tomato and lemons, has Laila on her feet and headed to the kitchen. As she enters, Ramji is just finishing the tomatoes. Laila throws herself in his arms, giggling.

“I cant believe this. It smells wonderful, like my mothers kitchen back home. You are spoiling me.. Let me help.”

Ramji kisses the top of her head, “It's almost ready, there is nothing really left to do. And I enjoy this, making you smile.” He looks into her eyes and runs the back of his hand across a cheek and down her jaw. “Ask Rowan about setting the table, I need to check the grill..”

After turning the meat Ramji looks out over the yard. Stoney has arrived and is moving a small patio table to join the picnic table under the enormous oak tree. Star is setting plates and Laila is adding silverware from a basket to the plates. Alise is sitting in the grass, a blanket tossed over her shoulder feeding Gracie. The twins are laying on the grass with Panther, almost asleep and the black cat stretches out for a nap.

Jack approaches and asks, “Need some help with that?”

“Not with the food. But later... how do we tell her? I have no idea how she will react to such news...”

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