Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keon slides a plateful of eggs across the table to Guunnar. A plate of bacon follows. Keon sits to his own simple breakfast.

"When did Dmitri leave?"

Guunnar looks up from shoveling scrambled eggs into his mouth. After a moment he swallows and wipes bits of egg from his mustache. "Chust before I kum here. Assignment vas in Greece. Seems somevone ist "making statues." Gorgon suspected, but any spellcaster mit a good amount of knowledge could copy effects."

He pushes his eggs around on his plate. "I uffer to go, but the Hunt Lord vant somevone looks native. He say I not gut choice. I tell him Ramji vill be vanting time fur personal. He say he know. I check mit Ramji ven ve done eating. Dis ist gut."

Guunnar looks up, then reaches into his pocket. Raising a bushy blonde brow at Keon, he answers his phone. "Ram... Vas ist los? Ach no. Dmitri take run dis morning. Lord Herne, He already know you take time." The big man shrugs and Keon shakes his head. "He ist Herne, Lord uf Hunt. How He know anytink? He chust knows."

After a moment, Guunnar puts it in his pocket again. Keon raises his glass of juice and swirls the red liquid. "I say we visit Rowan's house, see how Miss Laila is doing? Then swing by Erik and Star's. We could use yer strength, mate."

Guunnar flexes his biceps. "Ja, du bist not eqval to Viking strength. Erik out building du?"

"Nay Lad. Just need someone with the strength of Atlas to lift the boards up to us. Will save hoisting it. If we had you up on the roof, ye would cave it in."

Keon hides a grin behind the rim of his glass as Guunnar rocks the houseboat with his laughter.

Little One woke long before the child... listening to the sounds of the tavern stirring; deciding that all the sounds were normal, and of no harm to her small charge.

She felt the child stirring and she dipped her head down and did her trilling little sound into Chloe's ear. Chloe opened her eyes and smiled at the little dragon. She reached a hand out,and rather than grabbing as many children are wont to do... she seemed to know that it was necessary to be soft and gentle with her new companion. Chloe brushed the dragon's neck and Little One rubbed against her... she was overwhelmed with a feeling of love for this small child; a sense that the child was kin to her, and she must help her grow to fulfill her potential.

Pandora opened the door to find the child and dragon close together; obvious that they had bonded already."Ready to greet the day, you two sleepyheads?"... Pandora laughed as the little dragon shot up into the air doing several tumbling maneuvers before landing on her shoulder... looking down to see Chloe's excited laughter. Pandora picked her daughter up and Little One perched on the crib edge while Pandora changed her and picked out clothes for the day.

Soon they were heading down to breakfast.. .the aroma coming up the stairs to make her mouth water. Monty had food ready as usual... including a small copper platter with assorted diced up fruits for the Little Dragon... "I was told she was raised on a mostly vegetarian diet; we'll throw in cheese and other tidbits at her next meal." The little dragon went right to eating;as she observed Pandora and Chloe doing the same.

Traeger walked in during their meal and was instantly taken with the small dragon... "Where did she come from, Pandy?" Pandora told him of Ob's gift from the Fae kingdom and he reached out to greet the dragon. First she lifted her wings... fanning them out to intimidate him; then deciding he was family she took a step forward and licked his extended fingers... at Traeger's delighted laugh she flew on his shoulder where he proceeded to stroke her neck and head.

"This little creature will be with us for all our lives, I think I should work on a few things to make her feel at home. I noticed Tork likes to perch high where he can watch the room... I think I'll make this little princess a perch so she has a place to call her own... just as Chloe has her chair"...he tickled Chloe under her chin and watched her chuckle. The trio passed a happy hour playing with the dragon; and she knew now that she was HOME...

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