Saturday, March 26, 2011

The next time I have to go down that damn ladder, I'm bringing the beer up here.

It's not the first time I've considered that, but I've always fended off temptation by reminding myself that if I bring the beer up, the shingles will go slower, and I'll be doing this for another day or two.

On the other hand, if I had the beer up here, I might not mind if it took another day or two….

I glance over at Keon, working like a demon - and looking like one, too, one that's been working the forges of Hell for a while and is all black and sweaty and sooty and - looking like he's having a blast? What the Hel is he drinking, anyway?

The heat is brutal, hovering between ninety and a hundred degrees most days; and I found out a few centuries ago that Vikings and massive amounts of sun go together like gunpowder and stray sparks. Even when you can live (theoretically) forever, sunburns hurt.

Thank the gods for SPF 45.…

Just then Lobo comes bouncing along, trailed by Star who is carrying a big box. Lobo dances all around Wolf, resting in the shade, until Wolf opens one eye and gives him The Look. Lobo dances away again and I lose sight of him, watching Star set the box down on the picnic table. She's wearing a simple yellow dress and I don't think she's aware of the interesting silhouette the sun projects - but I am. I grin to myself and then she looks up to the roof, shading her eyes with one hand.

"Erik? Can you come down for a minute?"

Beer, here I come.

Lobo bounces back again, The Look forgotten, and comes back to dance with Wolf some more - only Wolf isn't having any of it. He gives a low warning growl and Lobo bounds away again.

It is a peculiarity of Lobo, I have noticed, that the only time he can be still is when he's actually unconscious…. I believe Wolf has considered inducing that particular state in Lobo more than a few times. It's a tribute to his patience that he never has.

I make my way down the ladder, grab Star up and kiss her enthusiastically. She kisses back with equal ardor, giggling as we break the kiss. That Keon saw everything bothers her not at all.

She's making progress… she used to be so shy, but now she's emerging from her cocoon, and what I see is more beautiful every day.

""What's up, beautiful?"

Lobo comes running up again, bouncing like he's on springs, and Wolf snaps. He jumps up and gives chase. Lobo flees, yelping in stark terror.

Wolf runs him ragged for about fifteen minutes, then comes back to his shade - and Lobo sinks to the ground and falls asleep, right there on the spot.

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