Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alise takes my hand, leads me to where Laila is sitting. "Hi," I say. "I'm Jack. You know my name, but you don't know me, and you have no reason to trust me; but if you'll give me half a chance, I think I can convince you that I'm telling the truth."

I look to Alise. "How much have you told her?"

"Only about her parents being gone." Laila's eyes well with tears again, but she listens quietly.

"Okay, Laila… it's a long story, and not terribly interesting - but I can see and speak to the dead. Sometimes Alise can see spirits, too, and some time ago she saw two spirits hovering around you. She came to me today and asked for my help to communicate with them." Alise nods soberly, confirming things as I go. "We spoke to them just a while ago - a man called Thaddeus and a woman named Agatha." Laila goes pale and clutches the lace handkerchief Ramji gave her tight, crushing it. "You can speak to them through me, establish my bona fides… ask them questions if you like. I'm at your disposal, hon, and I'm as sorry as I can be for your loss."

Laila speaks to me directly for the first time. "Are you talking about a séance?"

I almost smile, but remember in time. "No, I have no need for that kind of thing. Just talk to them directly, and I'll pass on their responses."

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