Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alise was curled up in Stoneys lap. They had moved the large comfortable chair close to the window where they could see the moon, big and bright outside the window. She smiles as she thinks back to the past couple of hours, Stoneys mouth ravishing her until she screamed in pleasure and release. Pulling him to this very chair and kneeling between his legs, licking and sucking until he begged her to stop, but she didnt, until he pulled her up to his lap and impaled her on his hardness. The look on his face when he exploded in her, his hands buried in her hair, my god, Allie...

She sighs softly and nuzzles Stoneys neck, her lips leaving a hot trail up to his jaw.

Pushing the hair away from her face he kisses her gently. “ *à quoi pensez-vous?, mon amour...

“I was thinking that I must be the luckiest person in the world..”

Stoney laughs, “No, I am the luckiest person. To have you and our family. Who could ask for anything more?”

Alise laughs, “A shower, mon amour. I must smell and I wont have you changing your mind about your luck.”

“Well...” Stoney sets her gently off his lap, “I do have one more surprise for you...” He goes to his pants he left on the floor near the bed and rummages in the pockets. He grins as he pulls out a key. “I have the key to the private hot tub room. Just for you and me...”

“Oohhh...I have the best husband...Let me find a robe...”

*a penny for your thoughts, my love

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