Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pandora and Obsidian mount the stairs... hearing the babies laughter from the hall. Ob enters making his best funny uncle face and goes to the twins; while Pandora scoops up her daughter and takes her over to the dressing table to be changed and then puts her in a colorful outfit for meeting company.

The nanny helps Ob disengage himself from the twins by bringing them some baby cookies... then Ob moves to his daughter. Pandora can hardly contain Chloe's excitement at seeing her daddy... and the look in Ob's eyes says it's mutual. Pandy gives her a final kiss before surrendering her to Ob. Chloe starts excitedly babbling to him as they give the twins kisses and Pandora strokes the cheeks of the still sleeping Grace and Mera.

Ob descends the stairs with Chloe balanced in one arm... his other about his wife; as they go to the Faes' table, exchanging greetings with the Sidhe as well as Weebit and Twillon. Chloe's attention immediately goes to Tork, as it always does when he is nearby. She sends Ob and Pandora excited pictures of the dragon flying... and Chloe flies with him... "No baby, not yet," Pandora tells her with a smile.

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