Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rowan comes outside, rubbing the back of her neck and taking a deep breath. “Well, that part is done. She is not going back to that bastard, we have to think of something to convince him to release her from this ridiculous obligation.”

Rowan starts to pace, she had to remain calm while she worked but now she was angry. “She is covered with bruises and her hands are so calloused it was hard to get the stitches in.... Goddess.... What is he doing to her? I could choke the man or whatever the hell he is...”

Her foot connects with an empty pot and she sends it bouncing down the steps to shatter on the paving stones at the bottom.

Erik smiles grimly, glad he isnt on the receiving end of her temper. In his experience it was true what they said about redheads. “Will she be all right? Her hand, I mean will she be able to use it once it heals?”

“I think so. It took more stitches than I thought but she can wiggle her fingers slightly, so thats a good sign.” Rowan goes back in and returns with shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Stoney and Erik exchange a grin.

“What? Its for medicinal purposes, among other things.” Rowan pours four shots...”Set one on the railing there for Ramji. He'll be down shortly. He is helping Laila get ready for bed. Poor thing is completely worn out but she wont take any pain medicine yet. She wants to be sure Star returns safely.”

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